I had just finished school at BCIT and money was tight. While looking for a programming job, I was interested in finding a way to monetize my knowledge of Muay Thai, which I’ve been practicing for many years.

That’s when I found out about new opportunities through TapIn. I was quickly able to build a reputation through the platform to the point where I was making $3k per month. This success cemented my commitment to working with athletics. After also landing a new job at Lululemon, I’m now making $7k per month and working daily in a field that truly fulfills me. I guess it’s safe to say that pursuing a job as a programmer is on the back burner.


I left my job of 20+ years at a Vancouver massage shop to work as a freelance service provider. My job wasn’t terrible at all, but it didn’t give me what I need out of a profession. I had a great client base and reasonable work-life balance, but for years I felt like I was missing was real control over my time.

While some clients followed me after I left the office, what I love about TapIn is the ability to find as many new clients as I need. No longer paying commission has saved me a ton of money, and not dealing with client-stealing workplace bullies has been pretty great too. The other thing is I love being on the go, so driving around town to appointments with windows down is a great change from being stuck inside a windowless closet. I work full-time through TapIn now and I wouldn’t ever go back.