Social Shopping Has Arrived in Metro Vancouver

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on Canada’s customer behavior, especially when it comes to local shopping in Vancouver. Most customers prefer shopping online due to fear of contracting the virus. 

Sure, you can’t vet the products in person, but the convenience that comes with online shopping is far too great to let it hinder consumer buying habits. However, the transition from offline to online purchasing has been slower than expected for many businesses. 

This is because online shopping does not include the crucial element of socialization. This element has been ignored by large social eCommerce sites such as Amazon and China’s Taobao and JD. 

PinDuoDuo was one of the first companies to introduce social shopping to its customers and has experienced tremendous success. 

Vancouver is a busy, bustling, and friendly city, and local shopping Vancouver is a large part of our culture. This is because it promotes socializing and encourages customers to buy good quality and affordable groceries and other goods from local businesses in the city. 

After the success of PinDuoDuo, TapIn has introduced PINTA!, incorporating this element of social eCommerce into its platform for customers in Vancouver to have the full offline shopping experience online. 

Why Is There a Need for Social Shopping?

Online marketplaces are not new; they’ve existed since before COVID-19 and have been very successful with customers so far. Take giants such as Amazon or its Chinese equivalents JD and Taobao, for example. Almost everyone has heard their names or used their platforms. 

However, it’s also a fact that these companies took a while to get the customer base they have today. Since these companies were the pioneers of eCommerce, their websites have had tremendous success. 

Nonetheless, all these companies were missing something from their platform. Something that could’ve accelerated their business and helped customers make an easy transition from their offline shopping experience to a fully satisfying online shopping one

We’ve all shopped online from someplace at some time in our lives. However, most individuals have faced some hesitation before pressing that “buy now” button. 

Sure, customer reviews are available on most websites, but they still don’t come close to actual feedback and physical access to the products. 

This is true, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where social distancing, low-touch shopping, and social isolation are being enforced everywhere. 

Surprisingly, not many large-scale online marketplace platforms focused on this issue. However, platforms such as locally owned and operTapIn quickly recognized the need for a more interactive and social shopping experience and how this could entirely change the face of online shopping. 

This difference is much starker in categories where users rely more on feedback from other customers and word of mouth. Such categories include music, books, and electronic shopping and generally have more sales online than other categories such as apparel, healthcare, and food. 

PinDuoDuo quickly picked up on this difference and attributed it correctly to a lack of socializing present within the platforms. So, the model introduced by the company is much more centered around customer interaction and feedback. 

This is why PinDuoDuo has experienced such rapid success in such little time. After all, how many companies can say they went from a start-up to a whopping 57 billion-dollar company with 585 million active customers in just five years?

What is PINTA?

As a company, TapIn has always tried to investigate our customers’ needs and how their experiences can be made better. 

We’ve closely witnessed how the COVID-19 situation has changed the online shopping experience for consumers and the tremendous success that Pinduoduo has had because of their simple revamping of the age-old eCommerce model. 

We also quickly realized that social experiences were a large part of our culture here in Vancouver. Shopping happened to be one of them. This is one of the reasons isolated online shopping had not picked up as much as it potentially could, especially during COVID-19 times. 

To combat this issue, the company has introduced PINTA!, an exciting new platform that combines socializing with online shopping to create a unique social shopping experience for its customers. 

PINTA! is inspired by PinDuoDuo’s model. It encourages social shopping with brilliant new features that require users to interact with other customers and friends in return for discounts and perks. 

Unlike other platforms that are mainly concerned with accelerating funnel conversion rates, PinDuoDuo and PINTA! are more focused on customer interactions within the app and each other. 

Additionally, our team is busy developing additional social features such as rewards for daily log-in and referral discounts, all promote bonding and socializing between users.

After all, who wouldn’t want a discount, especially when it comes from a friend?

PINTA! is an effective solution for people experiencing isolation due to social distancing or generally missing the socializing aspect associated with shopping. 

The TapIn app has numerous features that will revolutionize the way Vancouverites shop locally online.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire landscape as far as consumers are concerned. 

Think for yourself. 

Do any of the previous shopping rules apply to you now, especially if the COVID-19 pandemic has hit your country? 

Of course not. 

Once people interacted daily and treated shopping as more of a social experience, individuals now prefer going to more isolated stores and places to protect themselves and others. 

This change in consumer behavior has affected the local businesses in Vancouver severely. However, it has also emphasized that businesses, in general, need to recognize changes in customer behavior and adapt accordingly rapidly. If customers see a more suitable option, they are more likely to opt for that. 

This is why online platforms such as PinDuoDuo and TapIn are gaining so much traction in such little time. Both platforms promote social shopping so that customers can interact with each other and receive feedback from products. This way, customers feel connected to the large community of online shoppers and are incentivized to make more purchases. 

They are also more satisfied with their social shopping experience. 

Since social eCommerce on such platforms mimics the offline shopping experience so well, customers can quickly adopt this new social shopping method. 

See for yourself by downloading our TapIn shopping app with PINTA!

Or, if you own a local business anywhere in Metro Vancouver, set up your own free eCommerce store with PINTA!, local delivery services, and much, much more.