TapIn Store Performance Evaluation Standard

1.Punctuality rate

This is the punctuality rate of your orders in recent 30 days. The punctuality rate will affect TapIn to recommend your store in the customer app. According to your order quantity in 30 days and the average punctuality rate of corresponding industries, TapIn will check whether the number of cancellations and delays of orders by vendors is within the reasonable range every month. If it beyond the upper limit, TapIn will impose a fine of $20 for each time to protect the interests of guests and the fine will return to the customer. If your punctuality rate always beyond the upper limit, TapIn reserve the right to close the store.

There are several ways to improve the punctuality rate:

  • Please contact your account manager to modify your delivery time period. If it is difficult for you to prepare well your goods in the morning, you can choose to participate in the later delivery period only (17:00-20:00). But customers who want to deliver earlier (14:00-17:00)may choose not to buy your products.
  • You can set the preparation time for each general good to ensure that you have enough time to prepare the goods after cut-off time. For example, If a product needs 48 hours of processing to be delivered to the guest after the order is cut off, please set the 12 hours preparation time.
  • If there is no stock, please start PINTA:
  • If your goods will be delivered to customers on the fixed days every week. (Eg. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), you can set PINTA and choose automatically launched every week. You can avoid the trouble of setting every week until you manually terminate it.
  • If you can only confirm the arrival time of the next batch of goods, please set one-time PINTA.
  • Communicate with the account manager or the customer directly about the shortage situation of your goods in advance and ask the customer whether they want to cancel the order.
  • Go to store management and set a day off.
  • If you have set the store business hours, you can go to PINTA:
  • Set PINTA and automatically launched every week.
  • The starting time of the PINTA can be the closing time of your store

This method can ensure that customers cannot buy the goods delivered the next day after the PINTA deadline on the same day.

2.Violation of the product rules

  • To protect the interests of both parties, the product needs to have a clear product name and pictures, which cannot be an ordering link.
  • The product list can not only have the shipping fee and ask the customer to place an order only include the shipping fee.
  • In order to protect the rights and interests of all vendors and TapIn, vendors are not allowed to buy products from their own stores. If you need to purchase products from your own store, please notify TapIn and get permission.  If not, TapIn will impose a fine of $50 each time.
  • Please do not add the same goods many times and do not mislead purchases and false prices. TapIn will impose a fine of $20 each time to protect the interests of customers.

3.Communication with customers

  • To protect the privacy of the guests and the interests of both parties, please do not directly ask for the contact information of customers such as WeChat, Alipay, QQ, WhatsApp, Facebook and other third-party websites and any other accounts. TapIn will impose the fine of $100 at the first time and if it occurs the second time, TapIn will close the store directly.
  • Please protect the interests of both parties. All the sales must trade on the TapIn E-Commerce platform if the customer made orders on the TapIn platform. The vendor cannot ask a customer to make a private transaction.
  • If your goods are out of stock and cannot be delivered to the customer on time, you need to leave a message through our app live chat to explain the reasons and estimated replenishment time.
  • In case of loss of goods, our company will actively cooperate to protect the interests of both parties. Please protect the reputations of both parties before clarifying the responsibilities.
  • Please keep a positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic attitude when communicating with guests. TapIn will close the store for 3-15 days according to the circumstances if there is abuse or harassment.

4.Pick-up service and delivery

  • If the goods are lost, our company will actively cooperate and provide the corresponding photos, videos, etc. The vendor also needs to provide the photos of the delivery/pick-up(the photos must have the corresponding box number). If the photos cannot be provided or the vendor does not mark the box number, TapIn will not be liable for reparations.
  • In order to ensure there is not any damage during transportation, regarding cake products and related products, please use transparent packaging. If the loss is caused by packing problems in transportation, TapIn will not be liable for reparations.
  • Before your goods are given to our warehouse, please mark the temperature requirements as LC (cooler), LD(freezer), or CW(room temperature). If there is no temperature label on your product, the good will be placed at room temperature, and TapIn is not responsible for any damage caused by this situation.
  • For pick-up service, our driver will inform you 15 minutes before arriving at the pick-up location. There is a free waiting time of 15 minutes for each pick-up and a fine of $ 1 will be imposed for each extra minute.

5.Food Safety and Quality Issues

  • To protect the interests of customers, Vendors commit to meet the requirements of the relevant health licensing standards.
  • If there is any food safety problem, we will actively cooperate to deal with it. However, TapIn, as a third party, does not have any responsibilities.
  • Before the goods arrive at the warehouse, please package the products well. If other vendor’s goods are damaged due to the packaging of your goods, it needs to compensate the joint losses.
  • If the customer asks for a refund, the vendor needs to give the reply(accept or reject)in 3 days. If the vendor cannot reply to the customers on time, TapIn will actively mediate and have the right to refund.
  1. If your product is of good quality, customers will be required to return it if they want to refund it.
  2. If your product is not of good quality, the vendor needs to resend the item or refund it.

6.Other User Regulations

  • TapIn has the right to close the store directly if there is a huge violation to protect the interests of all vendors on TapIn platform and the advance notice clause in the gold/diamond contract is invalid.
  • If you encounter any problems, please contact our AM in time. TapIn will actively cooperate to handle your problems. Please protect the reputation of both pasties consciously.
  • If there is identity theft on a customer’s credit card and the goods are not delivered, TapIn has the right to recover the payment from the vendor to protect the interests of both parties from loss.
  • Please pay attention to the changes in our platform store penalty rules.