TapIn Policies and Terms

We believe in building a long-lasting relationship with our partners

TapIn provides free eCommerce storefronts and delivery support to local neighbourhood stores. We’ve got everything you need to serve your local customers.

We want to make sure that you and your customers have a positive experience with TapIn. Please read on to find out more about your rights, and what is expected of you, as our partner.

Punctuality Rate

TapIn takes all possible measures to increase customer satisfaction. Delay and cancellations of the orders severely impact the customer experience. Therefore, for monitoring purposes, we have advised a metric called Punctuality Rate.

Punctuality rate is the monthly percentage of orders that are canceled or delayed by a vendor. We recommend stores to the customers based on their TapIn Recommendation Score (TRS). The TRS is highly dependent on the Punctuality Rate of the store, and therefore we request our partner to fulfill the orders on time.

Based on the store’s monthly order volume and the average punctuality rate (of the stores selling similar products), TapIn determines the monthly number of order cancellations or delays allowed to the store without any penalty.  TapIn reserves the right to impose a fine of $20 for each order cancellation or delay over and above the maximum limit allowed by TapIn. To compensate for cancellation or delays, we pass on the amount received as a fine to our customers.


If your Punctuality Rate is abnormally high, TapIn reserves the right to discontinue your store on the platform.

There are several ways by which the stores can improve their punctuality rate:

  • Contact your assigned Account Manager for any modification in your stipulated delivery time slot. If you’re finding it difficult to deliver in the morning, you can opt for late evening slots (17:00-20:00). But please note the customers who want earlier delivery (14:00-17:00) may choose not to order from your store.
  • Set the preparation time for each item in the store to ensure that you have enough time to prepare the goods after the cut-off time. For example, if a product needs 48 hours of processing time, you should also set the preparation time for this product is 48 hours on your TapIn store.
  • We recommend our vendors to set up and launch PINTA if the product is on pre-order and you don’t hold the inventory/ stock of that product.
  • If the product is on pre-order and you don’t hold the inventory/ stock of that product, we recommend you set up and launch PINTA.
  • If the goods must be delivered to your customers on some fixed days of the week (like every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), you can set PINTA and choose the option of launching it automatically every week.
  • If you can only confirm the arrival time of the next batch of goods, please set a one-time PINTA.
  • To improve customer satisfaction, vendors should delay the order to a later date (option available under the Business Account section in the App) if they’re finding it difficult to deliver the order on time. TapIn reserves the right to impose a fine of $20 for each order if the vendor fails to delay the order in time.
    • If a customer purchased goods only from your store, TapIn would not charge the second-time delivery fee when you delay all the products.
    • If a customer purchased goods only from your store, TapIn would charge the second-time delivery fee when you have delayed the partial order since our driver has to make two trips to deliver your goods to the customer.
    • If a customer purchased goods from multiple stores, TapIn would charge the second-time delivery fee when you delay your store’s goods. Go to store management and set your day off to let the customers know that you won’t deliver on that day.
  • TapIn allows vendors to pick up to any two days in a week as their off days.
  • TapIn also allows vendors to launch PINTA campaigns even on their regular business off days.

Rules related to Product Listings

  • In the interest of all the stakeholders, vendors must provide the correct product name with its high-resolution images.
  • The entire transaction for the order including the payment must take place on TapIn platform.  Vendors are discouraged to accept any direct payment from the customers. Vendors should refrain from listing the products with false prices or products with only shipping fees as their total price.
  • In the interest of all the parties, vendors should refrain from allowing their customers to use the vendor’s account for placing orders. TapIn reserves the right to declare an account as fake and impose a penalty of $20 per order if:
  1. There are more than 4 shipping addresses associated with a particular account and 
  2. Avoid posting the same item multiple times in the store. You should refrain from posting items with false information including prices, names, etc. TapIn reserves the right to impose a fine of $20 for each such violation.

Communication with the customers

  • To protect the privacy and confidential information of the customers, we discourage the vendors from asking for any personal contact information (Phone number, WeChat, Alipay, QQ, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other third-party websites) from the customers. TapIn reserves the right to impose a fine of $100 at first such instance of violation. If the violation continues, TapIn can close or discontinue the store from the platform.
  • The complete transaction, including the payment for the order, takes place on the TapIn E-Commerce platform. Vendors should not request the customers to make a private transaction.
  • If your goods are out of stock and cannot get delivered on time, you should leave a message through our app live chat to the customer. You should explain the reasons to the customer along with the estimated replenishment time.
  • In case of loss of goods, TapIn will actively cooperate to protect the interests of both parties.
  • Please keep a positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic attitude when communicating with the customers. TapIn reserves the right to discontinue the store from the platform for 3-15 days if there is an instance of abuse or harassment.

Pick-up service and delivery

  • If the goods are lost, TapIn will actively cooperate and provide the corresponding photos, videos, etc. The vendor also needs to share the images of the delivery/pick-up (the images must have the corresponding box number). If the photos are not shared, or the vendor does not mark the box number, TapIn will not take any liability for reparations.
  • You are required to use transparent packaging to ensure there is no damage to the product during transportation (mainly applicable to cake and other related products). If the loss to any product during the transportation is due to improper packaging, TapIn will not take any liability for reparations.
  • Before delivering the goods to our warehouse, please mark the temperature requirements as REF (refrigerator), FRZ (freezer), or RT (room temperature) on the package. If there is no temperature label on the product, by default it’ll be kept at room temperature. TapIn doesn’t take any responsibility for the damage to the product in this situation.
  • For pick-up service, our driver will inform you 15 minutes before arriving at the pick-up location. There is a free waiting time of 15 minutes for each pick-up. A fine of $ 1/min will be imposed on the vendor for each extra minute of waiting beyond the free waiting time.
  • For pick-up service, TapIn will inform the pick-up time and relevant information one day before the shipment at 8 pm & 12 am. You can choose to receive the information through messages on WeChat or email. Please contact your dedicated account manager pro-actively in case you want to modify any order details.

Food Safety and Quality Issues

  • In the interest of our customers, Vendors should commit to meet the requirements of the relevant health licensing standards.
  • In case of any food safety-related complaint, TapIn in its best effort will actively cooperate with all the stakeholders to resolve the issue. However, TapIn, as an eCommerce marketplace, does not own any responsibilities in this regard.
  • To protect the products’ quality and avoid any safety-related complaints, TapIn warehouse will retain the original packaging of the vendor’s goods.
  • Vendors are required to pack their orders properly. TapIn delivers goods from multiple stores in a single box to the customer. You are required to compensate for joint losses if another vendor’s product gets damaged due to your poorly packaged product.
  • If the customer asks for a refund, the vendor needs to respond (accept or reject) to it within 3 (Three) days. If the vendor doesn’t reply to the customer within the stipulated time, TapIn reserves the right to mediate and process the refund to the customer.
  • If your product is in good shape, customers will be required to return it if they want a refund.
  • If your product is broken or damaged, the vendor needs to resend the item or refund it.

Other User Regulations

  • TapIn reserves the right to immediately close/ discontinue the store on the platform if the vendor is found in violation of the terms & conditions of TapIn. The advance notice clause in the gold/diamond contract is not applicable in such cases.
  • If you encounter any problems on the platform, please contact your TapIn Account Manager immediately. TapIn will actively cooperate to resolve the issues you’re facing.
  • If there is identity theft on a customer’s credit card and the goods are not delivered, TapIn has the right to recover the payment from the vendor to protect the interests of all the stakeholders.
  • Post the TapIn audit vendors should contact their TapIn Account Managers to get the store live on the platform.
  • Vendors can upload and activate new products on their online store. TapIn has a turnaround time of at least 60mins to audit the product details and their associated links. If no problems are found, the product goes live, and customers can search and order the product after 60mins.
  • TapIn reserves the right to change its terms and conditions from time to time. You are required to refer to our latest policies and guidelines on our official website (https://tapin.tech/) regarding store rules and penalties on violations.