Shop local, share,
and save money together!

Explore local shop and have your order delivered anywhere across Metro Vancouver.

What you want, when you want it.

Top local shops

From local organic produce to A5 Japanese Wagyu beef and handcrafted beauty products, search and instantly compare local shops across Metro Vancouver.

Explore local PINTA! savings

Bring the fun, social aspects of shopping back into your community! Support local businesses and work together to save money. Win. Win.


Fun Social Shopping = Savings for Everyone!

Invite your friends to form a shopping team and get a lower price for your purchase.

  1. Download the free TapIn with PINTA! mobile app
  2. Explore local products from small businesses in Greater Vancouver
  3. Look for the PINTA! logo
  4. Marvel at the discounted PINTA! price
  5. Commit to buy at the discounted PINTA! price
  6. Share the PINTA! product link with your friends
  7. When the Tribe member minimum is reached, everyone gets the deal
  8. Save lots of money and support local!

Why PINTA! is the risk-free way to save money

For each PINTA!, the local shop owner sets the minimum number of Tribe members required to complete the purchase.

If that number is not met within the set time frame, then the Tribe purchase is canceled, and anyone who already committed money will be refunded.

There's always an option to buy the item directly, but the product's price is higher than buying it in a Tribe, so work with your friends and save money together!


With PINTA!, you can harness the power of the social-shopping sensation sweeping through China from right here in Greater Vancouver!

Who doesn't like to save money, right?


What you want.
When you want.
How you want.

Giving you the ability to have your orders delivered to suit your preferences and schedule is another highly personalized service touch offered only with TapIn.

  • Same-day and next-day delivery anywhere in Metro Vancouver
  • Personalized, contactless delivery options
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Proof-of-delivery photos
  • Delivery reviews
  • Service with a smile
Do even more with the TapIn app

The TapIn app is your go-to local shopping, wellness and beauty services destination.

Access same-day and contactless delivery with real-time tracking, secure payments, and the unique social shopping powers of PINTA!


Anything you want to orderin one carefully packed box.

Rest asssured it will get there on time, with a smile.

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