Deliver memorable mobile shopping experiences for free.

Everything you need to provide premium online store services and contactless delivery to your customers with the most effective management tools for your local business.

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Easily manage your online business from your phone

It's a critical time for mobile adoption in our everyday lives and companies should prioritize mobile features, updates and launches to meet consumer needs — or risk losing out to a competitor who does.


Designed with everything you need to quickly customize your store, with TapIn you can concentrate on improving your products and serving your customers.

Local Vancouver Shops

From local organic produce to A5 Japanese Wagyu beef and handcrafted beauty products, see how other local vendors are serving Metro Vancouver with TapIn.

Store Name: 10773

1 products

Store Name: 10718

6 products

Store Name: 10549

62 products

Store Name: 10514

9 products

Store Name: 10464

7 products

Store Name: 10413

13 products

Store Name: 10401

4 products

Store Name: 10389

1 products

Store Name: 10241

5 products

Store Name: 10007

4 products

Store Name: 9976

67 products

Store Name: 9848

25 products

Store Name: 9831

4 products

Store Name: 9802

58 products

Store Name: 9557

1 products

Store Name: 9531

1 products

Store Name: 9521

250 products

Store Name: 9509

4 products

Store Name: 9404

69 products

Store Name: 9365

2 products

Store Name: 9265

2 products

Store Name: 8969

6 products

Store Name: 8951

4 products

Store Name: 8912

1 products


Empower your customers to help grow your business

When you create a PINTA! campaign on TapIn, your customers can choose to participate in group buying by joining your Tribe. The more people that join the Tribe, the better their chance of receiving your PINTA! at the discounted price!



Access our contactless, same-day delivery network

Bring your products to customers, anywhere in Metro Vancouver.


Once consumers get used to the convenience mobile offers — such as the ease of ordering groceries and products compared to traveling to the store and lugging bags around — local delivery becomes incredibly sticky, representing a significant opportunity for your business.

  • Drop-off at our Richmond Warehouse
  • Pick-up available for Gold & Diamond vendors
  • Real-time delivery tracking for you & your customers


Grow your customer base, interactively

Increase your sales and brand awareness with built-in promotional tools featuring the Tribe-buying saving power of PINTA!

  • Promote your store, products, and campaigns with social links
  • Offer regular and PINTA! savings pricing campaigns
  • Set minimum and maximum PINTA! Tribe sizes to blow-out inventory with predictive sales


Give your customers payment options and peace-of-mind

Maintain trust by offering your customers premium payment transactions via their own hassle-free digital wallet.

  • Credit card, WeChat, AliPay
  • >3% transaction fees


Make every customer visit hassle-free

Eliminate long lines and social distancing at the counter by letting customers order what they want, when they want it. Then give them the option to pick where they want it delivered and how they want to receive it.

  • Offer your products anywhere in Metro Vancouver
  • Let customers set their delivery preferences
  • Provide real-time delivery tracking for every order

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