Deliver world-class mobile experiences to all your Vancouver customers

  • In-app chat support
  • Ratings & reviews
  • Social shopping, sharing & savings with PINTA!
  • Personalized delivery preferences
  • Real-time, contactless delivery tracking
  • Proof-of-delivery photos
  • Delivery reviews
  • Online service bookings
  • Secure MyWallet payment options
  • TapIn Careful Packaging

Customer experience  matters

At TapIn, we prioritize features that resonate with shoppers and fulfill their shopping-from-home and socially-distant needs, improving customer experience, and increasing brand loyalty for your business.


Never miss a customer

Convert questions into sales, keep your team focused on service, and interact with customers and clients the way they prefer.



Get ratings & reviews to build trust and drive growth for your business

Give customers the validation they look for when shopping online.

Ratings & reviews not only boost trust and sales; they empower your team to make business decisions based on honest feedback, leading to elevated shopping and service experience.



Empower customer savings, while reducing costs and increasing revenues with PINTA!

PINTA! requires your customers to share links to your campaigns with friends, family, and social media in order to get your discounted offer. This means more eyes on your brand, more sales for your business, and more money in your wallet.

Social shopping is the fun, interactive experience sweeping the globe and PINTA! gives you the power to bring it to your customers in Metro Vancouver.



Offer custom, contactless delivery options to your customers

Now, more than ever, giving your customers the ability to have your products delivered when they want, where they want, and how they want is another highly personalized service touch offered only with TapIn.



Now you and your customers can see follow orders from fulfillment to final delivery

When an order comes through your free online store, TapIn will send real-time updates to you and your customers, providing clear visibility into your products' assembly and distribution to their preferred location.

Once our driver picks up the order, everyone can track the progress across Metro Vancouver and provide feedback on the delivery experience afterward.



Provide your customers peace of mind with every order

Capturing delivery photos helps customers see that their package was safely delivered and where. The picture will focus on the placement of the box.

Customers who've downloaded the TapIn App to track their order may see a delivery photo on the Review Delivery page.



By partnering with TapIn, you get a team of customer-obsessed service experts

Whatever your product, our passion is making sure it arrives safely and on-time.

By offering delivery reviews, we capture feedback throughout every stage of the order, allowing us to continually improve the shopping experience for your customers.



Give your customers payment options and peace-of-mind

Maintain trust by offering your customers streamlined premium transactions via MyWallet, their own hassle-free digital payment account.

  • Credit card, WeChat, AliPay
  • >3% transaction fees


Your products, packaged to optimize safety, freshness, and delight

Our delivery team takes great pride ensuring that every box is packed according to standards of weight, firmness, and temperature.

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TapIn Store Performance Evaluation Standard

1.Punctuality rate This is the punctuality rate of your orders in recent 30 days. The punctuality rate will ...


准点率 这是您近30日内的订单准点率。会影响她拼对您店铺的推荐力度。我们通过您行业平均准点率与您最近30天单量来计算您每月订单改期上限。她拼对每一张超过上限的订单罚款$20,并返还给客人。如果长期准点率欠佳,她拼保留关店的权利。 1.提高准点率有以下几个方法: 联系商家经理,修改参与配送时段。如果您上午出货有难度,您可以选择只参与较晚配送时段。但想要较早配送的客人可能会选择不买您家产品哦。 针对每一个普通商品,您可以设置准备时间。保证您在截单后有充裕的时间准备该商品。例如:某商品在截单后需要48个小时的加工才能交给客人,那么请将准备时间设置12小时。 如果没有现货,请发起拼它: 如果您每周在固定日出货(例如:您固定每周一,三,五出货),您可以设置成自动循环拼它。这样一劳永逸,免去每周要发起的烦恼,直到您手动终止。 如果您只能确认下一批货到的时间,请设置一次性拼它。 提前与商家经理或客人直接沟通缺货情况,并询问客人意愿是否需要取消订单。 前往店铺管理,设置休息日。 若店铺有营业时间,可前往拼它: 设置循环每天拼它 拼团开始时间可为当日结束营业时间 此方法可保证客人在您当日拼它结束后不能购买次日送达商品。 2.违反上架规则 保护双方的利益,上架的产品需要有明确的产品名和产品图片,请不要放下单链接。 商家上架的产品不可以只为运费费用,请不可以只拍运费。 为了保护全体商家及她拼的权益,商家不可自己购买自家店的产品,若有购买需求,请及时告知她拼并经过她拼的允许以防出现蹭运费和虚假销量的情况。若出现一次私自购买,她拼将会收取$50的罚款。 ...

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