6 Ways to Support Local Business Online in Vancouver in a COVID-19 World

The outbreak of COVID-19 has transformed the way people shop and purchase goods across Metro Vancouver and around the globe. It’s now more important than ever to support local Vancouver business owners.

What was once an upward trend towards e-commerce activity has skyrocketed with the temporary (and too often, permanent) closures of physical stores. 

This also means a massive uptick in online-based small businesses that have cropped up to supply demands during the pandemic. These are often locally-based and help support communities during this unprecedented time of need.

Even with the pandemic, here are 6 ways you can help support small local Vancouver business owners online and keep them going.

1. Leveraging Social Media

Now more than ever, social media can go a long way towards gaining a small e-commerce business support and future customers. 

Liking, commenting and sharing their posts help generate more views through your social networks, increasing attention to these local businesses and their brands.

Even something as simple as an emoji can help kickstart social media algorithms to favor these posts and show them to more people.

2. Spreading the Local Word

You don’t have to rely solely on liking posts to support local businesses. 

By sharing special events and offers on your social networks or promoting these businesses to colleagues or friends over streaming, you can both help stay connected and spread support far and wide.

3. Leaving Local Reviews

Reviews can be incredibly important to small businesses.

Potential customers use previous experiences of their peers to help weigh their purchasing decisions. It also allows people to see what others think of particular products and/or services and drive them towards buying. 

It’s not only reviews for products, however. You can always leave reviews for the business itself; this lets people know the great benefits and positive experiences they can have by giving these start-ups their business.

4. Your Local Money Support Matters Online, Too

Local lovers, rejoice!

Yes, where you choose to spend your hard-earned money online matters and we love how much you want to support your local community! (Yeah, we’re talking to you, ye stalwart farmer’s market shopper standing 6 feet apart for hours every Saturday for that artisanal sourdough loaf, rain or shine!)

Aside from providing effortless access to local products you love from the comfort of your mobile phone and personalized contactless delivery options anywhere in Metro Vancouver, you’ll also get to explore the unique social shopping and money-saving powers of PINTA!

HINT: the more local friends you get to join your buying Tribe, the better your chance of saving money!

5. Support Local Delivery

Thanks to social isolation measures, it can be difficult to weigh standing in socially-distanced lines outside in the elements if you want to support your favorite local vendors or fulfill your desire for daily authentic human interaction!

With health protocols and capacity limits, it’s difficult for shops to serve the same volume of customers as they might have in the pre-COVID world. By choosing delivery or pick-up options

With TapIn, your favorite Vancouver businesses can now set up a free interactive mobile e-commerce store with access to contactless delivery across Metro Vancouver.

This means we’ll handle getting their goods to you safely and quickly so they can spend more time dreaming up exciting new products for you to enjoy!

6. Help Local Businesses Get Online, Affordably

While there are many eCommerce solutions available, we contend that nothing is faster, more affordable, or more powerful than the interactive mobile shopping experience we’re developing in Vancouver.

Ask your local shop owner to unlock the unlimited small business potential today and launch their mobile store within minutes, only with TapIn.